“Not” Back to School Blog Hop: Our School Room(s)

This week on the “Not” Back to School Blog Hop is a tour of our school room. I love being able to have a place to do school, but like a lot of homeschoolers we need more space than we have. So our room is spread out into 3 different areas, our actual school room, the playroom and my workspace, storage area in my bedroom. My workspace isn’t organized yet because I just moved everything up there, I’ll post that I’m finished organizing it.  But here are pictures of our school room and our playroom.

Our Calender (love this Melissa and Doug Calender)

100th Day Countdown Chart

Tot Tray Shelf with our Globe

Our white board, one of my best purchases

Work table and art wall (I hung some clothesline on hooks and I clip our artwork to them)

My weekly file drawers, they are labeled Monday through Friday with a section for me to put things I need to file or things for next week. Eventually I am going to get one for each child, but for now they have to share. I put worksheets and art projects that we are doing in each day so I can just grab them and go.

Art cabinet with our schedule and routine taped to it

Paper Storage, sorted by color. The top bin is for scrap paper.

The kid’s desks. K’s is the green chair and C’s is the purple chair. By his desks he has handwriting reminder pages, a sheet with log in information to different websites he visits, a world and US map.

The wall behind K’s desk is her chalk board, and our world and US maps.

Rain gutter book shelves with a bean bag to read or snuggle with baby dolls, this is where I put the books that go with what we are studying for the week.

Behavior Chart, I’ll post more about this tomorrow.

Magnet Board that hubby made for the kids.

K’s learning wall. Each time we learn a new letter I am going to post it on the wall.

Our storage shelves, the bottom half hold the toys in the playroom. The books are sorted by subject and theme so I can easily find what I need.

Science wall,  I am going to add to this as the year goes on. Right now it has our weather chart and Periodic Table.

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  1. Melissa Houck says:

    Love the magnetic board idea!

    Your behavior chart is great too.

    • Thanks Melissa! K loves her magnet board, I’ve been catching her lately matching the letters. I’ll let you know how our behavior chart goes, this is the first week using it with just my kids.

  2. What a GREAT school area! I love the gutter bookshelves and bean bag–very cozy! We would love to have desks by the window–I prefer working with lots of natural light!

    The magnetic calendar looks fun!

    Have a wonderful year of homeschooling!

    • Thanks! I hope the kids like the bean bag reading area too. I almost never have the lights on during the day, I love working in natural light also. Hope you have a great year.

  3. Just love your school area! And I was tickled to see the Disney encyclopedia set on your shelves — I have mine from my childhood in our collection, too!

    • Thanks! I found those at a library that had a used book store, I think I got the whole set for $20. LOVE THEM. Sadly I forget they are up there and don’t use them as much as we could.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great room! Gutter shelves are just about the best aren’t they? I am curious to read more about your behavior chart – great idea!

  5. I love that idea of posting the letters learned onto the wall! My daughter would love that :)


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