Dreaming of Next Year… Plans and Curriculum for 2012/2013



I’m at that point in our school year where I am just DONE. We have about 2-4 days left, 2 if I push hard, 4 if I don’t. Neither C nor I care at this point if they get done. I keep telling myself they have to get done, we’ll see if we get it done.

I feel like I’ve spent the last 3 years flopping around with no real plans or direction. It’s taken me this long to figure out where we are going and I’m finally at peace with my plans for the year to come. Really really at peace. I’ve never been this at peace with my plans before, there was always that nagging feeling of there has to be something better out there. I don’t have that anymore, and let me say it feels great.

Next year we are moving almost exclusively to the Oak Meadow. Oak Meadow is a Waldorf inspired curriculum that I have been looking at for years. I don’t know what took me so long to take the jump, but I finally did and wow it just feels right. It is exactly what I am looking for, for both kids.  Here’s what next year’s curriculum looks like:

5th Grade:

Oak Meadow 5 Science, English and History

Oak Meadow 7 Math

WriteShop Writing Level D

Mango French

Telling God’s Story Year 1

PreK :

Oak Meadow Kindergarten – I know K is only 3 1/2 and will be 4 in October but Oak Meadow is slow in the early grades and their Kindergarten program is right where she is and will be next year. I can’t seen delaying it since she is ready for it now. At this point it will make her 2 years ahead, my goal in the future is to stretch one of the older grades into 2 years. I’m not sure which grade yet, I’m going to play it year by year.

Letter of the Week – Since OM K does one letter per week, this is the perfect companion.

Various activities I am finding on Pinterest

Little Pim French

Telling God’s Story Year 1

I am also changing up our schedule and the way we will be doing things next year, but that’s a different post for a different day so stay tuned.

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