Feeling at Peace… our schedule for next year


As I mentioned in my post on our curriculum plans for next year, I finally have figured out a schedule and routine that I think will fit our family well. I was struggling with planning next year, it seemed so overwhelming to try and fit everything in that I wanted to do and we needed to do. Then I read this post over at Classic Housewife. It it me in a way most posts don’t hit me and the more I thought about it the more it made sense. I don’t have to do every subject everyday, it’s actually nice to say it out loud.

So I sat down and looked over our subjects. I decided that because language arts is where C is lacking and falling behind, we would focus on that and do that every day, well only spelling, writing, and silent reading. Grammar and reading a loud will be done 2 days a week. Language Arts will take up a 90 minute block in the morning after chores and breakfast are done. I am also going to work with K on language arts the 4 days a week we do school.

After language arts is done, I will dismiss the kids for some outside playtime until lunch. This will give me time to blog, answer emails, get work done for my photography business etc. In other words I’m giving myself business hours next school year. This is needed, my blogging and other work are falling behind and it’s honestly because I don’t have set hours put aside to work.

After lunch Miss K will have some quiet time in her room. This will be the time C has his silent reading period where he can read whatever book he wishes. Then when this is over, we will meet back up for our afternoon activities / subjects, which I have scheduled for 90 minutes. Which will be as follows:

Monday – History for C ; Music and Movement for K

Tuesday – Bible and Math for both

Wednesday – Science for both

Thursday – French and Art for both

I still need to fit in piano classes for C and ASL for all of us. K will also be taking ballet next year but I’m fairly sure it won’t be during the day so I won’t need to fit it into our schedule.

As you can see we only do book work 4 days a week. While Fridays are considered a school day, they are reserved for field trips, library trips and our homeschool group’s park day.

We will see in July if this schedule works or if I need to tweak it any, but I feel at peace with this schedule. I am no longer overwhelmed wondering how I am going to get everything done. Once I get more into the details of planning next school year, I’ll post them.

What does your schedule look like for next year?



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