I want to homeschool but…

I’ve seen countless threads on the mommy boards about mom’s having the desire to homeschool but have doubts about themselves. Am I qualified? Do I have enough patience? We don’t have a lot of money, homeschooling is expensive? And the list goes on and on. Stop letting these doubts stop you from homeschooling your children.

I can’t promise you a rose garden or that everything will be rainbows and unicorns. It won’t be, it’s hard. You will lose your temper, you may yell, there will be tears and threats of returning them to school.But then there will be days where the lightbulb goes off and after 3 lessons they finally get multiplying fractions or learn how to read. And those days where you had time to do the cool project in your lesson plan or you went on that awesome field trip and you watched learning come alive in a way it sometimes isn’t possible in a classroom. These days, the good ones, make the bad days all worth it.

I know you’re still sitting these going but I’m not qualified, I’m not a teacher, I don’t have a teaching degree. Thing is, you don’t need one. You are you’re child’s first and main teacher. You have taught this child since he was born and you will continue to teach him daily. You know this child better than anyone else in the world knows him. You love and care for him more than anyone else does. This is why you are qualified to teach your child. This is why a teaching degree is not needed. Yes, there will be some subjects like advanced calculus ( for some reason this one always shows up in the mommy board debates, no clue why, it’s not even required here for college) , that you may not feel you can teach, and this is when you find a tutor or online program or dvd or even learn it with your child.  But you are qualified and you can do this.

So we’ve covered that you won’t have endless patience, well unless your Michelle Duggar and most of us aren’t. I don’t know how that woman stays so calm with 19 children, she should give lessons. And you are qualified. Now you’re wondering about the expense.

I have to admit it can be expensive. I know I generally spend $700-1000 a year on both kids. This is for games, educational toys, supplies, curriculum, ink, paper, etc. I don’t spend it all at once, it’s spread out over the year, which helps, A LOT.

Homeschooling can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it. I know one mom who has schooled her children for the last 5 years using nothing but free curriculum.There are others who spend $2000+ a year. It all depends on what you want and what your family needs. But homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive, there are a ton of free and cheap resources out there. Don’t let the costs deter you from homeschooling.

So we’ve covered the 3 main reasons people doubt they can homeschool, even if they want to. Another one I’ve heard is I’m disorganized. Yes organization helps, but you can be disorganized like I am and still homeschool. I want to be organized, I try and work at it, but it just never happens. Disorganization is also not a reason to give up on homeschooling.

So there you have it, I’ve covered all of your doubts and excuses. There is a huge online world of bloggers and message boards with moms just like you, waiting to help guide you through your journey. So what are you waiting for, you can do this, you can homeschool. I have faith in you. And if you have any questions, well just ask.


  1. Gina Badalaty says:

    Thank you for writing this Cara! I am VERY intimidated by homeschooling, but there may come a time when I will need to. I had a friend who NEVER thought she’d be able to do it, but believed it was the best choice as her child kept getting sick in school, once they did a mold remediation.

  2. Gina Badalaty says:

    Woops, got cut off, sorry! Now my friend loves it and would not go back. You go girl and thank YOU for sharing how we can all do this, if we choose.

    • Don’t be intimidated, I’ve seen you with your girls, you can do this if you need/want to. We didn’t start out wanting to homeschool, it was something we had to do and it became the best decision we made for our family.


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