Meeting Violet

Life is full of moments. Moments that steal your heart, that make you cry. Moments that you hold dear forever. Moments that take your breath away and moments where nothing else matters. Miss K and I shared one of these moments on our recent trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

Up until this moment every time K saw someone dressed in any character she would freeze up and scream bloody murder. She wouldn’t even walk near them. This made going to the Halloween festivities at the park last year a ton of fun, let me tell you. Chuck E Cheese is all fun and games until Chuck E himself appears.  I’ve always suspected she has some sensory issues like her brother and so I’ve just never pushed it. But it’s made my wanting to plan a trip to Disney hard, because let’s face it there are characters everywhere.

Then this happened. I took her to the Clock Tower Show at Great Wolf one night while I had a bit of free time. The show freaked her out, she was scared of it, so we sat in the back and I held her the whole time. After the show it was time for story time. And to help tell the story is Violet one of the wolf characters that K fell in love with at the lodge. K’s eyes lit up when she saw Violet. She didn’t run away, freeze or cry. After story time, Violet taught the kids the “Wolf Howl” and K moved in for a closer look.  Then it was time to meet Violet and K was ready. She ran up to her with a great big hug. My heart melted. After meeting Violet , I took K back to grandma who was watching her while I attended conference events. She made grandma go back to the lobby, so she could show the big Violet the stuffed Violet she had made that day. She talks about this moment daily since our trip. It was one of those moments we will remember forever.

I will say as a photographer, these pictures make me cringe. They are technically horrible. But as a mom, these pictures are beautiful because they represent a moment. And sometimes I even need to remember to let the technical go and remember the moments. Because they are what matter in life.

Have you had a moment lately? Tell me about it.



  1. [...] K’s favorite part of the lodge was the waterpark. She loved the little kids area that had toys and slides just her size and the wavepool. She also loved making her very own Violet and meeting the one and only Violet. [...]