C is for… Preschool Letter of the Week Activities

In my Curriculum post last week, I said that I didn’t really know which direction I wanted to go for K. I have finally decided, we we ditching Oak Meadow Kindergarten, it just isn’t a good fit. I’m going to use some of the activities in it but it’s up for sale if anyone is interested.

What I have decided using activities I have found around the web, thanks to Pinterest we will do a letter a week,  and then on weeks surrounding holidays we will do theme weeks based on the holiday. This will work out perfectly and take us through the end of the year.

Last week was C week, and we are taking this week off so I can formulate my new plan.

We learn the letter and a few words in ASL every week. Here is Miss K, showing the sign for the letter C.  We were also singing the Leap Frog C song with our letter magnet toy.

C is for cupcake. We made puffy paint cupcakes and put cupcake stickers into the letter C.

C is for cotton and clouds. We pretended the cotton balls where fluffy clouds and glued them into the letter C. K has starting liking these projects this year, last year she wanted nothing to do with them.

We also did more exploring with the number 1. We had a number 1 hunt and finger painted the number 1.

K does French with her brother, this week we talked about our colors in French. Here she is coloring a little lapbook booklet bleu.

Our preschool activity trays starting from the top left

  • Cupcake Colors Booklet – I laminated this and put it on a binder ring and gave K dry erase markers to color with
  • C handwriting page – these I put in page protectors and let her try and trace the letter C. I don’t expect her to do these or trace them perfectly and I find that if they are put on the trays, she’s more likely to at least try.
  • Cat Color Matching – these I printed and colored the color word so she would know the color and laminated them to make a matching game
  • Cat Lacing Card
  • Cutting Practice – her scissors are from Fiskars, I got them at Target, they are perfect for just learning to cut because all the child has to do is squeeze the handle.
  • Cupcake stickers

You can find the cupcake colors at Spell Outload in the Cupcake Mini Unit from 2TeachingMommies and you can find the cat tracing page and matching game in the Cat Preschool Pack from 1+1+1=1

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  1. I thanks for sharing your homeschool ideas. Do you still have the Oak Meadows curriculum. I would love to pick and choose form their curriculum and add a little of my own stuff. Thanks.