Louisiana DOE did it again… re: non public school option for homeschooling

Today I sat down to write a blog post about pulling a child mid year to homeschool. A post was inspired by friends that are thinking about homeschooling due to the schools not meeting the needs of their children. Imagine my surprise when I went to look up options in the State of Louisiana and found that once again our Department of Education has changed their webpage. And once again one of  the options that homeschoolers in Louisiana have is hidden. This time it is so hidden that you will not find it unless you know exactly what to look for and where to look for the pdf file.  According to phone calls made to the state DOE, this option is still valid, the powers that be are seemingly upset that it is hidden from public view.  The powers that be are supposedly trying to find out how to make it less hidden, but I don’t think it will be unless we band together once again and let our voices be heard.

This is not the first time the DOE has done this, they did it back in 2011, corrected it but not to a point most of us where happy about.  However, we accepted the correction. Now it seems they went a step further.

Here is the new Home Study page on the new DOE website

The only way I was able to find the Non Public School Option was to search Non Public Schools and go through the list of pdf files to download. Here is the PDF file, for those that would like to use this option.

Call, email, contact your local and state representatives – let’s get this corrected and force the DOE to stop being manipulative and sneaky. The person you want to contact at the DOE is Sue Millican, her direct number is 225-342-4776 , her email is Sue.Millican@la.gov.

Remember in your communication to be nice! As my momma always said, you attract more flies with honey!





  1. Found your blog from Babycenter! I’m in Covington! Love connecting with other “local” homeschooling moms!