Best Conference EVER… top 10 take aways from SoFabCon

When I left you last week I was on my way to SoFabCon. Let’s just say it was the best conference ever! Note to other blog conferences, you need to step up your game to beat the Collective Bias crew!

The trip to SoFabCon was adventurous and included a bad tire and messed up room reservations, but all was fixed and I had a GREAT time. Here are my top 10 take aways from SoFabCon and some Instagram pictures from my trip as this photographer was bad and didn’t use her Nikon all weekend.

1. One on One consults – notice a few changes to the blog. I sat down with Sarah from East 9th Street to see what I could improve on the blog. She recommended a few changes and I’m trying to follow her recommendations. I’ve updated the tabs, added my photography to the sidebar, made my about me page my name, added a contact form to my contact page. I still need to add a bio and a picture of me. Thanks Sarah

2. SEO – one of my favorite session was Dan Morris’s SEO  session. I learned that tags really mean nothing and I only need to tag posts with one thing, that you should have your own link shortener (there are plug ins for this), and other small changes I can make to help improve my SEO. I’m also going to take the Social Fabric SEO class

3.  Show me the Money – my favorite session of the conference was the Show Me the Money session. I felt like this was the first session of this type that wasn’t a lot of fluff. It was nice to hear how the panel made money in this space and that most of them didn’t actually make all of their money from the blog but used their blog as a platform for other money making opportunities.

4. “Riches are in the Nitches” – How many times as bloggers have we heard this? It was nice to finally hear people say, you can make money and get opportunities and you don’t have to nitch yourself. As a lifestyle bloggers that has struggled with how to nitch herself, this was refreshing.

5. Snow – ok ok it has nothing to do with the conference or learning, but there was snow people. In May, it made me giddy for all of 20 minutes. Then it was just COLD. But the snow was awesomesauce.

6. DO YOU – this was one of the biggest themes of the conference. Collective Bias wants it’s bloggers to just be them, be real.  We were left with a challenge this week to be ourselves and Instagram it with the hashtag #thisisme my first picture, is of all my bags on the couch because I still haven’t unpacked, the bags are still sitting on said couch.

7. You Tube / Video – I’m scared of video but it’s becoming a huge part of blogging. Danielle Smith’s session on Video and Media helped me get over this. I’m going to be putting up my first video next week. I also checked my HARO emails for the first time in months and actually emailed a reporter about an article on food allergies. Who am I? I’m going to be doing Danielle’s 7 Day challenge soon.  Danielle has other tips on her website on how to get started doing videos.

8. Social Media – I learned a lot about social media this week. From Ted Rubin talking about how to use Twitter effectively for social marketing, to Umang Shah and Calvin Peters talking about how Walmart and Duane Reade are using social media to grow their companies, from seeing the influence and reach Maria and I had on a map that was measuring tweets using #sofabcon over a 10 day period.  I learned a lot on how to use social media to not only make the most of my influence but to help my social media clients grow theirs.

9.  Powering down – Tiffany Romero gave Saturday’s opening keynote and talked to us about powering down. I know as a blogger and social media manager I spend a lot of time on my devices especially my computer. I need to power down more, it’s just hard to start. How do you power down?

10. We are family -  My last top take away but certainly not the least is the feeling of family. We also talked a lot this week of finding a community and a tribe. Of having hype-men in our lives to boost us up. I can say that Social Fabric is exactly this, it’s a community, a family, a tribe. Call it what you will but I don’t think you will find a better collective of bloggers on the internet. A group that truly cares about it’s members. Thanks CB for caring, for being there for us, and happy 4th birthday!

If you went to SoFabCon what was your top take away from the conference? If you weren’t at SoFabCon why not?



  1. Fabulous recap! Truly! I missed the SEO session (migraine – boo hiss) so I am looking forward to digging into the SoFabU class too! And my one on one session with Brandi Jeter sent me away with so much inspiration that the conference would have been worth it for just that 15 minutes! The other thing I came away with was inspiration to start taking pictures! I’ve let photography sit, so far off the stove that it’s not even on a back burner, for too long! Time to embrace my inner artiste. Hope I find one buried in there.

  2. I don’t think my Nikon left the room. Unless you count the trip up and the way back down to the car.

    • Mine either, well there was this one time for one session and then it was just too heavy so I put it back in my room. LOL

  3. The biggest take away for me was that I need to plan for the future, not just for tomorrow’s post! So I’ve got to sit down and make a plan! Loved being able to give you hugs when we passed. You were so wonderful!! =)

    • I’ve got to sit down and plan too. I need to get better with organization and planning and time management. It was great giving you a hug in passing too, next time we’ll have to chat more.

  4. It was awesome meeting you Cara! That is the best thing about these conferences, finally getting to say I met people IRL!

    • It really is one of the best things about these conferences! It was great meeting you too!