Sensory / Motor Skills -

  • Sewing Buttons -  Give children big buttons, craft canvas, yarn and a plastic needle. Let them practice sewing buttons onto the plastic canvas.
  • Sensory Bin - in a plastic tub put fabric scrapes, make sure you have some corduroy in there, along with buttons and bears.

Literacy -

  • B is for Bear – Have children finger paint the letter B brown, then help them create a bear face and glue bear ears onto their B.
  • B is for Buttons - Glue buttons into the letter B

Math -

  • Teddy Graham Counting -  Give children a bowl of Teddy Grahams and either cards with the numbers 1-10 or magnetic numbers. Have the children count the right amount of Teddy Grahams for each card. When they are done, they can have a yummy snack.
  • Button Math – Give children big buttons such as these, and have them sort the buttons, count the buttons, make patterns and weigh buttons in a balance scale.
  • Counting Coins – give children a piggy bank, some coins and cards with different amounts. Help them count the right amount of change to put in their piggy banks.

Recipe / Snacks -

  • Button Cookies – Using your favorite cookie recipe you can make button cookies, like these from Bakerella.
  • Beary Mix – mix together different flavor Teddy Grahms with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and raisins.

Arts and Crafts -

  • Corduroy - Cute out a bear patter and have children paint it brown. The from green paper cut out Corduroy’s overalls and have children glue to on to Corduroy. For his buttons you can use real buttons or cut a button shape from orange felt and glue on to Corduroy’s overalls. Decorate his face with googley eyes, a pom pom nose and draw a mouth on him for the children.
  • Button and Fabric Collage -  give children fabric scrapes and buttons to make a collage

Tot Trays -

  • Button Matching – Cut shapes from big buttons out of scrapbook paper and glue the shapes to a piece of cardstock or construction paper. Put the buttons in a bowl and the children can match the buttons to the button shape.
  • Button Sorting – give children different shape or color  buttons and have them sort them
  • Counting Bears – give children a set of counting bears and have them sort them by color

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