Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Sensory / Motor Skills -

  • Hop on Pop – have children hop on bubble wrap to make it pop.
  • Apples on Top – give children some apples and have them try to stack the apples on different objects including their heads.
  • Green Playdough – make your favorite green playdough and have children play with it, you can add glitter for sparkle or mint extract for smell.
  • Make Oobleck – mix water, cornstarch and green food coloring and make oobleck.
  • Fishing – get a small magnetic fishing set from the Dollar Tree, put fish in a tub of water and let children fish

Science / Social Studies -

  • Plant a Tree – in honor of the Lorax you see
  • Go Green – talk and explore ways your family can go green
  • Who was Dr. Seuss – teach kids about Dr. Seuss and who he was
  • Movie Field Trip  – take kids on a field trip to see the Lorax or watch a few movies inspired by Dr. Seuss at home and pretend you are at he movies.

Literacy -

  • Green G’s – Cut out a big letter G, have children paint the G green, then they can add green glitter, or objects into their G.
  • Lorax Alphabet Match – download these Lorax Alphabet Matching Cards and have children math the letters

Math -

  • Color Fish Graphing – You will need Goldfish Colors and this graphing chart from Oopsy Daisy. Give children a handful of Goldfish and have them graph how many of each color they have, talk about concepts such as more and less than.
  • Color Fish Sorting – Cut out green, purple, yellow and orange circles and give to children. Then give them a  few handfuls of Goldfish Colors and have them sort the colors in their pile.
  • Foot Measuring – trace the child’s foot on a sheet of paper and have them measure it using unifix cubes, blocks and other objects of non standard measurements .

Recipe / Snacks -

  • Green Deviled Eggs – make your favorite deviled egg recipe and die the filling green
  • Mock Green Egg -  green pudding (you can use vanilla dyed green or pistachio), place a spoonful on a plate, place a vanilla wafer  in the middle of the “egg” and sprinkle with rainbow sprinkles.
  • Green Eggs and Ham Lunch – for lunch make green scrambled eggs using green food coloring and serve ham on the side
  • Cat in the Hat Hats – give children an Oreo and have them stack red Lifesavers on top of the Oreo using the white frosting. For smaller children you can use marshmallows and red frosting instead.
  • Cat and the Hat Fruit Snacks – Have children stack strawberries and bananas on skewers to make a healthy Cat and the Hat snack

Arts and Crafts -

  • Cat in the Hat Hat – using the hat printable below, have children make their own Cat in the Hat Hats, they can paint, color, glue red stripes onto their hat.
  • Red Fish, Blue Fish -  cut out a fishbowl from cardstock or construction paper,  paint or dip children’s hands into red and blue paint to make fish in the bowl.
  • Horton’s Pink Clover – make a pink clover just like Horton’s, you could probably use a pipe cleaner instead of a pencil
  • Green eggs and Ham – make this cute green eggs and ham craft with the children this week

Tot Trays -

  • Cat in the Hat Shadow Matching – print this Cat in the Hat unit and put out the matching cards on one of the trays, the other two activities in the unit can be used for math activities for the week.
  • Are you My Mother -  print our mommy and baby animal cards / pictures  and have children match the baby to it’s mommy.
  • Put me in the Zoo – give children paper and spot stickers and let them freely create with their spots

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