St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning

Sensory / Motor Skills -

  • Sensory Bin -  rainbow colored rice, pasta or shredded paper, green beads, shamrocks, green pom poms, gold painted beans or rocks, gold doubloons and anything else that reminds you of St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Lucky Charm Necklace -  make a necklace with paper shamrocks and green pasta shells
  • Green Shaving Cream - give children a small amount of shaving cream on a table, add a few drops of green food coloring or you can add blue and yellow food coloring, let them children mix it together to make green shaving cream.
  • Irish Jig - play some Irish music and let children dance to it.

Science / Social Studies -

  • Sprouting Shamrocks - use sponges shaped like shamrocks to sprout seeds
  • Ireland – Learn about Ireland, find it on a map and read stories about what it is like to live there.
  • Making Green – mix yellow and blue together in various ways to make green, you can use water, paint, crayons etc.

Literacy -

  • S is for Shamrock – having children stamp or place shamrock stickers inside the letter S
  • R is for Rainbow -  Do any of the R is for Rainbow activities from Confessions of  a Homeschooler

Math -

  • Shamrock Counting – give children shamrock erasers or charms along themed number cards and have children count the number of shamrocks for each card.
  • Lucky Charm Sorting – download and print the sorting map from Teaching Heart, give children a handful of Lucky Charms and have them sort and count the marshmallows in the cereal mix.

Recipe / Snacks -

  • Lucky Breakfast – give kids lucky charms and green dyed milk for breakfast, you can even say a little leprechaun left it for them.
  • Green Milkshakes -  Mix vanilla ice cream, milk, and green food coloring in a blender to make green milk shakes. You can also add mint extract for a green minty shake.
  • Green Lunch – make a varity of green foods by either making foods that are naturally green or adding food coloring to foods to make them green  and have a green lunch.

Arts and Crafts -

  • Pot of Gold – Cut out a black pot from construction paper, cut different rainbow colored tissue paper into squares, and cut gold glitter craft foam into circles. Glue the pot to white card stock, glue the gold circles onto the black pot and the tissue paper squares like a rainbow coming out of the pot.
  • Tissue Paper Shamrock – give children a shamrock cut from card stock, and green tissue paper squares. Have them glue the squares onto the shamrock.
  • Bell Pepper Prints – cut the top off of a bell pepper, have children dip the pepper in green paint and make prints on paper.
  • Gold – Have children collect smooth stones, have them paint the stones with glue and dip them into gold glitter.
  • Marbled Glittery Shamrocks – place paper shamrocks in a shallow tray/pan/box, place a few drops of blue and yellow paint on the shamrock with a few marbles, have children roll the marble around to mix the paint to make green shamrocks. When done they can over their shamrock in green glitter.

Tot Trays -

  • Shamrock Pattern Matching – this is a cute game that would be great on a tot tray

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