The Paperbag Princess

Sensory / Motor Skills -

  • King’s Jewels: hide rhinestones or aquarium rocks that look like jewels in sand for the children to find.
  • Princess and Knights sensory tub from Totally Tots
  • Royal Playdough: make purple or pink playdough and add gold or silver glitter to it to make it sparkle.

Science / Social Studies -

  • Jewel Exploration: give children a small treasure box with jewels (fake) and crystals and a magnifying
    glass. Let them explore the jewels.
  •  Dragons: Talk about dragons in different cultures, draw a dragon on a large sheet of paper and give
    children oval shaped paper to put scales on the dragon.

Literacy -

  • P is for Princess  
  • P is for princess: cut out the letter P from card stock, let children paint it pink, then let children glue a
    crown to the top of P and decorate the crown.
  • D is for Dragon: make this D for dragon craft from No Time for Flash Cards
  • P is for Princess, D is for Dragon and K is for Knight: Print or cut out any of these letters and have
    children put princess stickers in P, dragon stickers in D and knight stickers in K.

Math -

  • Crown Counting: cut out paper crowns, put numbers on each crown (1-5 or 1-10), give children jewels
    (fake) and have them match the number of jewels to the right crown.
  •  Jewel patterning: give children jewels and have them make different patterns with them
  •  Dragon Matching: cut out dragons and fire, put a color, number or shape on each dragon and each
    piece of fire, have children match the dragons with their fire.
  • Crown Matching: cut out several crowns from different paper, you can even make them different
    shapes. Make sure you have two of each crown. Have children match the crowns.

Recipe / Snacks -

  • Marshmallow Castles: give children large and small marshmallows and toothpicks. Let them build
    castles with the marshmallows.
  •  Princess Tea Party: have a princess tea party
  •  Knightly Feast: have a feast fit for a knight, have finger foods and goblets to drink out of.
  •  Popcorn Dragon: Read “The Popcorn Dragon” by Jane Thayer then have a snack of popcorn and green
    dragon punch (green kool aid)

Arts and Crafts -

  • Fire spitting dragon: give children brown, red, orange and yellow paint and let them paint a fire
    spitting dragon.
  •  Egg Carton Dragons: give children an egg carton, pipe cleaners, paper, and glue and  let them create
    their own egg carton dragon
  • Knights Helmet: Cut a gallon milk jug into a helmet shape, let children paint their helmet gray or cover
    it in duck tape. They can then wear it and pretend to be a knight.
  • Jeweled Crowns: cut crowns out of construction paper, give children rhinestone jewels to glue on the
    crowns and markers to decorate them.
  • Knights Shield: cut a shield out of a piece of cardboard, have children wrap it in aluminum foil, and
    decorate with their coat of arms. For more ideas check out No Time for Flash Cards 
  • Shape Castle: cut a castle out of different shapes and have children put it together like this one at No
    Time for Flash Cards. 
  • Princess Hats: Let children decorate a large sheet of paper, roll paper into a cone shape and staple
    streamers or ribbon to the top and a ribbon to tie around the neck / chin.
  •  Paper roll castle: make a paper roll castle like the one seen here 
  •  Decorate a Dragon: cut out dragon shapes from paper, have children decorate their dragons.
  • Dragon Tracks: collect several toy dragons, have children dip the dragons feet in paint and make
    dragon tracks on paper.

Tot Trays -

  • Block Castles: give children pictures of castles and some blocks, encourage them to build castles from
    their blocks.
  • Lacing jewels : die pasta shapes different colors, give children pasta jewels and string to lace. You can
    also use beads for this activity.
  • Memory / Matching: using cards from the knight preschool pack or the princess preschool pack below
    and make a memory / matching game

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