The Snowy Day


Sensory / Motor Skills -

  • Make Snow – You need a diaper and water, pull apart the diaper and pull out all of the absorbent layer out of the diapers and put it in a bowl, mix in water to the desired wetness, put it in the freezer or refrigerator to make it more like real snow and then play.
  • Build a Snowman Sensory Tub – You need cotton balls, small Styrofoam balls, decorated snowman heads, toothpicks and snowflake confetti. Put everything in a plastic tub and let children build snowmen.
  • Snowman Playdough – Make your favorite playdough recipe, add some sliver glitter for sparkle. Give children pipe cleaners, buttons, yarn, and other various objects to build snowmen out of playdough.
  • Winter Sensory Tub – Add cotton balls, snowflakes, snowmen figures, blue crystals, blue pom poms, and anything else that reminds you of winter in a plastic tub for children to explore.
  • Snowball Fight – Roll up white socks into a ball shape and have an indoor snowball fight.
  • Felt Snowman - Cut a snowman out of white felt, cut out shirts, hats, arms, mittens etc to dress the snowman, allow children to dress the snowman.
  • Velcro Snowball Catch - You need a pair of mittens, Velcro circles, and small white ping pong balls or wiffle balls. Attach circles to balls and then each person puts on one glove and throws it back and forth.


Science / Social Studies -

  • Melting Experiment - Place ice cubes in various locations around the house, watch and record the speed they each melt.
  • Snowflake Crystals - Shape a pipe cleaner into a snowflake shape. In a wide mouth jar add 1 cup of boiling water to 3 tbsp of Borax and stir until the Borax is dissolved. Tie the pipe cleaner to another pipe cleaner propped on the top of the jar. Let sit overnight.
  • Ice / Salt Sculptures - Freeze a block of ice in a milk carton, then let children explore the ice by pouring salt on top to make tunnels and food coloring or liquid watercolors to create a colorful ice masterpiece.
  • Snowflake Bentley – Learn about who Snowflake Bentley was, watch this You Tube video reading of the book


Literacy -

  • Mitten Matching – Cut out pairs of mittens from construction paper and have children match the pairs and hang them on a clothes line. Put letters or words on the mittens for matching.
  • Snowmen Names – have children make a snowman with their name. Give them white construction paper cut into ball shapes with a letter of their name on each ball. Have them glue it to blue paper in the proper order. Then have them glue an additional white ball on top and decorate the snowman’s face. Allow the children to decorate the paper with a winter / snow scene.
  • S is for SnowmanS is for Snowman PreK pack from Confessions of a Homeschooler .


Math -

  • Mitten Matching – Cut out pairs of mittens from construction paper and have children match the pairs and hang them on a clothes line. Put shapes, numbers, math facts etc on the mittens for matching.
  • Scarf Patterns - Give children a scarf or make one out of fleece, colored craft sticks and pictures of different patterns and have them recreate the patterns on the scarf from the pictures.
  • Snowmen Button Counting – Print or make snowmen, write a number on each of the snowmen and laminate. Give children buttons and have them put the correct number of buttons on the snowmen.


Recipe / Snacks -

  • Cookie Snowballs - Have children spread vanilla frosting or cream cheese on vanilla wafers and then dip them in shredded coconut.
  • Snowman Donut Faces – Decorate little powdered donuts with chocolate chips, baby carrots etc to make them look like snowman faces.
  • Snowballs – These are the same things as the moon balls we made back during space week, we are just going to call them snowballs instead. You need canned biscuits, oil and powdered sugar. Cut biscuits and roll them into ball shapes, fry them until golden brown and then roll them in powdered sugar once cooled.
  • Snowman pizza – Shape pizza dough into a snowman shape, use olives, pepperonis or whatever your children like to decorate your snowman and bake.
  • Banana Snowmen – Cut banana into slices, have children stack slices on a plate to make snowmen. Use mini chocolate chips, blueberries etc to decorate the snowmen and pretzels for the arms.
  • Pancake Snowman – Make a snowman using your favorite pancake mix and cook. Use chocolate chips for the face and buttons, a slice of bacon for the scarf and mini marshmallows for the snow.


Arts and Crafts -

  • Mitten Prints – Have children put on mittens, stamp hands in white paint and make prints on blue paper.
  • Snow Paintings – Give children blue paper, white paint and Q-tips and have them make a snow scene.
  • Button Snowflakes – Glue three craft sticks into a snowflake shape, then give children buttons and allow them glue the buttons on the craft sticks to make snowflakes
  • Cotton Pad Snowman – You need cotton pads, cotton balls, blue paper, glue and snowman decorations. Glue cotton pads to blue paper. Stretch out the cotton ball and glue it at the bottom of the paper to make it look like snow. Decorate the snowmen with beads, sequins, buttons, etc.
  • Shiny Silver Snowflakes – Draw three lines in a star shape with glue on a sheet of blue paper, place foil on the glue to make shiny sliver snowflakes.
  • Mini Marshmallow Snowman – Draw three circles in a snowman shape on blue paper. Have children place mini marshmallows on glue. Then decorate your snowman with felt, markers, beads, etc. You can also have children make a winter / snow scene next to their snowman.
  • Marshmallow Painted Snowman – Draw a snowman for children on blue paper, have them dip a marshmallow in white paint and paint their snowman, decorate with felt, markers, beads, etc.


Tot Trays -

  • Beads and pipe cleaners – Give children white and blue pipe cleaners and beads and have them make designs, patterns etc.
  • Winter Sticker Cutting – Place winter stickers on a sentence strip, draw lines between each sticker. Give children scissors and have them practice cutting on the line.
  • Ice Spooning – Give children small clear glass marble chips in a bowl, have them spoon them into a small paint or ice cube tray.
  • Snowball Sorting – Give children white pom poms of various sizes. Have them sort the pom poms into jars labeled small, medium and large.
  • Snowflake Matching from Pre-Kinders


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